How to Make a Paper Christmas Wreath Step by Step

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Enhance your holiday decorations with a personal touch of DIY magic! Follow this step-by-step guide to create a captivating wreath. Each step adds a unique element, from the foundation in kraft paper to the personalized charm of hand-tracing.
Learn how to create a stunning centerpiece that adds sparkle to your holiday traditions and impresses your guests. Get ready to infuse your home with the spirit of the season!
1. Kraft Card (
2. Hand template from the Christmas kit (
3. Glue and scissor

Step 1

Craft the Foundation with Kraft Card
Begin by taking a piece of kraft card and drawing a 20cm diameter circle. Inside this, draw another circle with a diameter of 17cm. Carefully cut along the traced lines, creating the perfect foundation for your wreath.

Step 2

Hand-trace Magic for a Personalized Touch
Add a personal touch by tracing your child's hand onto the chipboard, creating a unique template. While this may be the trickiest part, ensuring your child remains still, you can also opt for our provided template from the Christmas kit for convenience.

Step 3

Multiply the Magic with Green Cardstock Hands
Trace and cut out 20-25 hands from green-coloured cardstock using your hand template. Consider turning the template over for half of them for added texture and variety, ensuring a dynamic arrangement when assembling your wreath.

Step 4

Arrange and Attach for a Whimsical Effect
Assemble the cut-out hands around the kraft card base, arranging them in a circular pattern. Glue each hand securely, ensuring a whimsical and lively display. This step is where the magic truly comes alive, and your wreath takes shape.

Step 5

Finishing Touches: Pops of Color and Elegance
Add vibrant red and green pom-poms to complete your festive wreath for a pop of colour. Tie a ribbon to your wreath, creating an elegant finish. Secure everything in place with a touch of glue, and voila – your DIY wreath is ready to adorn your home with holiday cheer.

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