How to Make Homemade Coloring Books

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Coloring books are type of books containing arts. People will add some color by using colored pencils, crayons, marker pens, or other artistic media. In the past, coloring books and coloring pages were printed on paper or card.
There were some coloring books have perforated edges as people removed your pages from the books. Today, coloring books have many various shapes with the rich contents.
You can buy coloring books at the store or supermarket however; it’s too wasteful to pay much money for color books. Why don’t you think of color online? Just click, you have tons of nice pictures that are printed out coloring books without money. Making a coloring book from the free printable coloring pages is the greatest craft project for children. They are used for many purposes like a gift to a friend, a goody bag at a birthday party.
You will have memorable moment and much fun when making your own coloring book. The costs of materials are cheaper than buying them. And it is priceless.
Coloring books are good for the mind and the spirit, fun ways to develop artistic skills. We will teach you how to make your own coloring book.


Step 1

  • Choose size and alignment Choose any size you want, the suitable size is 8.5 x 11 inch. The coloring pages are the same size. You can print out coloring pages on your own printer. Next, select your alignment: horizontally or vertically.
  • Step 2

  • Choose Theme Do you want a theme for your coloring book? Selecting before you start making coloring book. There are some fun theme included cartoon characters, foods, flowers, landscapes, Mandala and many more.
  • Step 3

  • Print out pages Make sure that coloring pages are the same size and then print out your pages. If there are some pages that leave a lot of excess white space around the sides, you can trim the pages. Next assemble the pages in order.
  • Step 4

  • Make a cover This step will make your coloring book more beautiful. Make a cover that depicts what kind of coloring book this is or whose coloring book this is. You draw or write something on the cover. Maybe “Lola's Favorite Coloring Pages”, “Food Coloring Pages”....
  • Step 5

  • Punch holes Punch holes for each coloring page.
  • Step 6

  • Bind the pages Threading ribbons through each hole and loosely knotting to bind the coloring pages to the covers.
  • Step 7

    Right now, following these steps and making a coloring book for your own. Where can you find and print out coloring pages? is a great website where supply tons of coloring sheets with lots of categories for your choice. Choose your favorite and start to make your coloring book that is for your beloved one. Happy coloring and have fun!

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