How to Make Snowman with Paper

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Are you ready to have some fun this winter? Let's get started with our super cute and friendly Glittering Paper Snowman craft project! Get festive in your home or classroom with this easy DIY activity!
This adorable snowman is crafted from shimmering glitter cardstock(, and it's sure to bring a smile to your face during the holiday season!
•Glitter cardstock in various colours (silver for the body and assorted colours for cap, scarf, gloves, shoes, eyes, and nose)
•Template for snowman shapes (provided or create your own)
• Glue

Step 1

Cut the Shapes To start with, use the provided template to cut out all the shapes needed to make the snowman.

Step 2

Transfer the shapes onto glitter cardstock and cut them out. Experiment with different colours to make your snowman unique.

Step 3

Make the body. Join the three circles to form the snowman's body.

Step 4

Attach the cap. Attach the sparkling top hat to the head to give your snowman a stylish and festive appearance.

Step 5

Add Eyes and Nose. Let's give your snowman some personality and character! All you need to do is attach some glittering eyes and a cute nose. It's super easy and your snowman will look adorable!

Step 6

Attach the Scarf How about wrapping a vibrant, glittering scarf around your friendly snowman's neck? You can get creative by using two colours and adding some decorative cuts for an extra touch of flair. It will surely bring a smile to everyone's face!

Step 7

Add Hands and Shoes Make your snowman shine even brighter! Just add some glitter shoes and fancy gloves for its hands.
Personalize. Get creative and make your snowman truly unique by adding your own personal touches like designs or embellishments! Have fun with it!

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