Infant Cactus Costume

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My son was born in Arizona, so I wanted his first Halloween costume to reflect the desert. It also had to be comfortable for an infant.
Green Footed Pajamas
White Yarn
Yellow Felt
Magenta Felt
Glue Gun

Step 1

Begin by cutting 4″ pieces of yarn and lots of them. You’ll need about 50. Tie each piece into a knot.
Affix the yarn knots at random all over the footed pajamas with the glue gun. Just a dab on the knot is all you need.

Step 2

To make the flowers, follow a tutorial online for your favorite felt flower. I continued to use the glue gun instead of fabric glue. Also, I glued the finished flowers to the footed pajamas, but you could pin them to make them removable. The flowers make adorable brooches.

Step 3

When Christmas came around, I turned the costume into a cactus with lights (that’s how they decorate in AZ) for an ugly sweater party. Just cut out felt pieces for the lights, and string together with yarn. I did it with the hot glue gun too.
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