Jelly Ring Chocolate Cups

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I love jelly rings... they're one of the many treats I enjoy. I never really had the idea to make my own, though I’m sure you can easily find a recipe by Googling.
I came about this recipe I’m sharing just by accident when I bought some chocolate cups. I wanted to use them but just wasn’t sure with what and I had some jello and thought I would see what would happen if I used them together. I'm so glad I did because I ended up making Jelly Ring Cups! They taste just like a jelly ring and the great part if that it’s super easy to make.
Chocolate Cups
Box of cherry Jello

Step 1

  • Follow the directions on the box for bowling the jello and once it's done let it cool just a bit before filling in cups so they don’t melt.  
  • Step 2

  • Once they're cool, you can start filling the cups.
  • Step 3

  • Fill the cups to the top but make sure not to fill too much to the top (if they overflow they will break the cups).
  • Step 4

    4.Use all cups and when they are all filled up, place in the fridge until they are set up. Now you wait…

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