Knit A Quick and Easy 'Sideways' Scarf (Free Pattern)

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The two tricks to making a scarf quickly and easily: Big Yarn & Big Needles!
Sure, this sounds like cheating, but another way to look at it is that you can make everybody's gift for the holidays!
This project is an excellent first try at making a finished product for kids.
Things you'll need:
- 1 Skein (Ball) of Jiffy Thick & Quick Yarn
- 2nd Skein of Jiffy Thick & Quick Yarn in a contrasting color
- Size 13 Knitting Needles

Step 1

Cast on 85 stitches of the first color of yarn. Remember, this is knitted sideways, so the 85 stitches will be the length of the scarf, not the width. When all the stitches are on the needle, it will be a leap of faith to imagine how long this is going to turn out. Make that leap! The finished product will be too long if you add more stitches.

Step 2

Knit 10 rows, increase number for a wider scarf. If you're using the recommended Thick & Quick, I strongly recommend keeping the width down, as this could become bulky!

Step 3

Switch to second color of yarn and knit an equal number of rows (minus one row) as you did the first color. If you knitted 10 of the first, knit 9 and so on.

Step 4

Your final row is the cast-off row. Cast off very very loosely or your scarf will curve on the cast off side. As you cast off, the length of the scarf will be revealed!

Step 5

Tips & Warnings
You can replace Thick & Quick yarn with multiple strands of mixed yarn that makes up for the bulk. This is a fun way to get interesting results and play with texture and color. It is also a great way to use up leftover yarn!

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  • by ksulady
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    Too long? This scarf is about 85 stitches cast on too short. I made this scarf, super cute btw..., but it will fit my 4 year old neice. You can't put this around an adult's neck with any sort of tail even once. It isn't reasonable to assume people wear scarfs so short. Double the length and it gets there. I am making one now at 200 and it's perfect for me.

    • by mdesignboutique
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      mdesignboutique Rate this comment 0 0 | Report

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I suppose I knit with looser tension? That is quite a difference in number of stitches. I will knit one with 150 and see what the result is. I am curious to see if I need to modify the pattern. I hope more people try with different numbers of stitches and let me know their results! Thanks so much! Melissa

  • by jonesdab
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    Thanks. I need some tricks because I have too many unfinished scarves. I am going to get bigger needles for sure.