Knit (or Knitting) Stitch (k)

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How do you knit stitch? If you've been asking that question, you've come to the right place for the answer.
Choose to hold the yarn and needles in whichever way you feel most comfortable. To tension the yarn—that is, to keep it moving evenly—you will need to twist it through some fingers of the hand holding the yarn, and maybe even toke it around your little finger. Continuous rows of knit stitch produce garter stitch.
Excerpted from "How to Use, Adapt, and Design Knitting Patterns" by Sam Elliott and Sidney Bryan, published by Barron's.


Step 1

lnsert the right needle into the first stitch on the left needle. Make sure it goes from left to right into the front of the stitch.

Step 2

Taking the yarn behind, bring it up and around the right needle.

Step 3

Using the tip of the right needle, draw a loop of yarn through the stitch.

Step 4

Slip the stitch off the left needle. There is now a new stitch on the right needle.

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