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If you’re short on space for planters in your home or on your patio, elevate them! This easy Knotted Hanging Planter will hold nearly any size pot, and it’s a colorful way to add flowers, succulents, or even herbs to small spaces. All you need is 10 minutes, an old tee, and a pair of scissors for an instant and unique hanging planter!
32' of T-Shirt Yarn (see the “How to Make T-Shirt Yarn” instructions
earlier in the book)
Potted plant
Excerpted with permission from DIY T-Shirt Crafts: From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts by Adrianne Surian.

Step 1

Cut 4 strands of T-Shirt Yarn 8' long. Lay out 3 of them side by side and find their center point. Then, tie the fourth strand around the other 3 at that center point. This will give you 8 equal length strands, all with a central knot.

Step 2

About 1" from the center knot, tie 2 adjacent strands together with an overhand knot.

Step 3

Repeat this step for the remaining 6 strands, knotting each pair 1" from the center. You will now have 4 doubled strands coming from the center knot.

Step 4

Separate each pair of strands, and match them with the strand on the other side of the one they’re tied to. At 1" from the first round of knots, tie each set of newly paired strands in a knot. You’re creating a sort of net to support the pot.

Step 5

Separate the strands again, and pair them with the adjacent strand on the other side. Make a knot 2" from the previous knot, so that the net lays flat. Then, make your next set of knots 4" from the previous knots. At this point, your hanger will support nearly any size planter.

Step 6

Tie a final overhand knot in the end of all the strands, connecting them together. Be sure this knot is tight; double-check by pulling each strand individually to get it as tight as possible. This is the knot that will support the weight of the planter, which isn’t a problem because T-Shirt Yarn is great for making tight knots. It’s stretchy enough that you can knot it very tightly, and the texture keeps those knots tight. Trim any uneven tails, leaving at least 1" of length. Now, just slip your plant inside, center it, and hang it from a ceiling hook!

Step 7

T-Shirt Tips!
Be careful not to overlook the hook! Potted plants can get heavy, and while the Knotted Hanging Planter itself can hold a lot of weight, you need to install a hook and anchor that can also bear the weight of your plant.

Step 8

Excerpted from DIY T-Shirt Crafts: From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts by Adrianne Surian. Copyright © 2015 F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photographs by Adrianne Surian.

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