Leather Glasses Case DIY

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I made this on National Sunglasses Day!
I made up this cute glasses case recently, and I'm sharing a tutorial with you guys. You could make this for either sunglasses or eye glasses!
Supplies: Fake leather, felt, fabric, fabric glue, sewing machine

Source: ,punk projects: Glasses Case DIY

Step 1

Cut your leather and felt into 8"x8" squares. Then use your fabric glue to adhere the felt onto the back of the fake leather. You don't need to glue the edges, but glue the middle so it doesn't move around.

Step 2

Use a zig zag stitch to stitch along the top edge of your leather/felt.

Step 3

Cut your fabric into an 8" x 6" piece and use the fabric glue to lightly adhere it to the top of your leather, lining it up with the bottom. Stitch along the top edge of your fabric, as pictured below.

Step 4

Fold your leather in half and cut the bottom corners into a curved edge. You can use a cup or something else circular to trace the edge.

Step 5

With your case folded in half, stitch along the two open edges, sewing them together and going around the curved edge to the bottom.

Step 6

This will finish up your case!

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