Little Monsters Cross Stitch Pattern

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Perfect for playground trading, these collectible buttons have definitely got the upper hand on pester power – your kids will love them! Buttons are available in both plastic and metal varieties. While the plastic ones are a bit cheaper, the metal ones have teeth that grip the fabric better.
Designed by: Kerry Morgan
Stitch time: 1 hour each
- 14 count colored aida, 8x8cm (3 1/4"x3 1/4") piece for each
- 29mm (1") Self-Cover buttons
- Embroidery floss stitched in 1 or 3 strands in a variety of colors

Source: Irresistible Gifts to Cross Stitch | Design Originals

Step 1

Use the chart to make several little monsters.

Step 2

To turn the cross stitch into buttons, use the template provided on your self-cover button packaging to cut your aida into a circle, with your stitching in the middle.

Step 3

Pull your aida around the button front as tight as you can. We prefer metal self-cover buttons because they have metal teeth to grip your fabric. They are a bit pricier but so much easier to use. It’s worth paying the extra!

Step 4

Use your fingernail to tighten and smooth any lumpy areas around the perimeter of your button. Once you’re happy with it, pop the backing into place.

Step 5

Use the little monsters cross stitch button as zipper fobs for a pencil case.

Step 6

Excerpted with permission from "Irresistible Gifts to Cross Stitch: Inspired Designs and Patterns for Hand-Stitched Projects to Make and Give" by Editors Of CrossStitcher Magazine and published by Design Originals.

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