Love Wire Word Necklace

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Write a simple word with wire and wear it everyday, or make several and give them to friends. This technique takes a bit of practice and time spent fussing with wire, but the results are simple and lovely.
Finished pendant is 1 1/2 inches
You'll Need:
- 6 inches of wire, we used 22 g. square, but 20 g. round works as well
- 4 tube crimps, #3
- 1 magnetic clasp
- 15 inches waxed linen, cut into 2-7.5 inch pieces
- Scissors
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Flat nose pliers
- Ruler

Step 1

Using your round nose pliers, create a 90-degree bend in the wire 3/4" from one end. This bend is the baseline for your word. Place the round nose pliers 5/8” from the bend on the longer end of the wire. Fold the wire around the round nose pliers to create the ‘L’ and then bend the wire upward from the baseline.

Step 2

Form the ‘O’ by bending the wire around the round nose pliers in a loop. At the top of the ‘O’ start forming the ‘V’ by using the very tip of the round nose pliers. Continue to bend the wire to form the base of the ‘V’ in line with the baseline of the other letters. Finish your word by forming the ‘E’ using your round nose pliers.

Step 3

Examine your word for spacing and shaping. You may wish to use the flat nose pliers or your round nose pliers to gently reshape the letters. Measure the ends of the word, evening them out by trimming any excess off the ends. Using your round nose pliers create small loops in the very end of the wire on both sides of the word.

Step 4

Thread one length of linen through a crimp tube and then through the loop on one side of your word. Thread the linen back through the crimp tube. Pull linen snug and use your flat nose pliers to flatten the crimp. Repeat crimping to attach the linen to the other side of the word and to attach the magnetic clasp to the back of the necklace.

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