Make a T Shirt Yarn Scarf

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Scarves add that extra oomph of style to any fashion trend. For a new twist on an old classic, knit a super soft scarf out of yarn made from old t shirts. You can use the t-yarn to knit, crochet or anything else you can make with regular yarn.
Here's what you need:
- T shirt without side seams or images
- Ironing board
- Fabric scissors
- Needle and thread

Step 1

Lay a t shirt flat on an ironing board and cut off the bottom of the hem.

Step 2

Slide the t shirt onto the narrow part of an ironing board like a tube. Make a diagonal cut from the bottom edge until you have 1 inch in width. Begin cutting the strip of fabric at 1 inch wide all the way around the ironing board.

Step 3

Rotate the t shirt on the ironing board and continue cutting the 1 inch strip. Continue rotating the t shirt and cutting in a spiral to make one long, continuous strip of fabric.

Step 4

When you reach the underarm seam, make another small diagonal cut to release the strip of fabric.

Step 5

Take about 1 foot of the strip in your hands and gently tug to stretch and curl the fabric. Work you way down the strip, pulling each 1 foot section.

Step 6

Repeat steps 1 - 5 to make more t-yarn as needed.

Step 7

Wind the end of the t-yarn around your thumb two or three times. Weave the yarn through your fingers starting behind and ending in front of your index finger.

Step 8

Weave yarn around your fingers again. So you have two loops on each finger. Lift the bottom loops up, over and off each finger to the back of your hand. You will have one loop left on each finger.

Step 9

Continue weaving and lifting off loops, occasionally tugging on the tube forming behind your hand. You can unwind the t-yarn from your thumb after you've lifted the loops off your fingers a few times.

Step 10

When you reach the end of the yarn, you can attach more yarn by sewing the ends of two strips together.

Step 11

When the scarf is as long as you want it, cut the t-yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Thread the ends through the remaining loops on your fingers and pull tight. Tuck the ends of the t-yarn inside the tube.

Step 12

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet)" by Carol Sirrine (Author), Jen Jones (Author) and published by Capstone Young Readers.

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