Marble Dyed Easter Eggs with Onion Peels

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Have you seen the golden brown, solid colored Easter Eggs that were dyed with Onion Skins? Well, we took this another step and made MARBLED EASTER EGGS with Onion Skins.
My Grandmother taught me how to make these beautiful eggs when I was a kid growing up in Germany.
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Step 1

Supplies you need:
– Raw Eggs (White)
– Onion Skins (lots)
– Scrap Fabric
– Thread
– Scissors
– Small Pot
– Water
– White Vinegar
– Stove

Step 2

Cut the fabric into squares. Place a fabric piece in your hand and add a bunch of onion peels.

Step 3

Add an egg and more onion peels

Step 4

Then tie is securely.

Step 5

Boil the eggs. Let them cool.

Step 6

Unwrap your Easter Eggs! Wipe them with vegetable oil to make them shiny.

Step 7

Step 8

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