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Who doesn’t love bubbles? With a Mason jar and a handmade beaded wand, a magical afternoon is practically guaranteed.
You Will Need:
For the Bubble Solution
- 8-ounce Mason jar
- ½ cup of water
- 4 tablespoons of liquid dish soap
- 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup (such as Karo)
- Spoon
For the Wand
- 12-gauge coated aluminum floral wire, your choice of color (available at craft stores)
- Wire cutters (scissors will work in a pinch)
- Large permanent marker and pencil (to wrap wire around)
- Sandpaper or nail file (optional)
- Plastic pony bead assortment
- 12-inch piece of ½-inch-wide ribbon (per wand)

Source: ,DIY Mason Jars: Thirty-Five Creative Crafts and Projects f...

Step 1

Cut a 10-inch section of wire for each wand. Aluminum wire is very pliable, so to shape the bubble end of the wand, simply use your hands. At 4 inches down from one end, bend the wire to a 90-degree angle. That short end is going to turn into the bubble-blowing part of the wand. Hold the long part of the wire vertically, so the short part is sticking out horizontally. From the bent part of the wire (not the end) shape the short section into a nickel-sized circle around your fingers or a thick marker. You’ll have wire left over that extends beyond the circle. Wrap that excess wire around the long section twice, just under the circle.

Step 2

Snip off the remaining piece of the short section that you didn’t wrap. Make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out. File the end of the wire down with sandpaper or a nail file if necessary.

Step 3

If you have different shapes and colors of pony beads, play with different options for the beaded handle until you find a combination you like. Thread 3 inches worth of beads onto the wire.

Step 4

Hold the wand vertically with the bubble end down. Bend the remaining wire to a 90-degree angle as you did
in step 1. This time make a smaller circle by wrapping the wire around a pencil. Wrap the excess wire around the handle twice, just under the smaller circle. Again, smooth any rough edges.

Step 5

Thread the ribbon through the small loop and tie it off. You can tie it at the base of the wand as shown, or you can tie it so the ribbon forms a loop to wrap around the wrist.

Step 6

Adapted from "DIY Mason Jars: Thirty-Five Creative Crafts and Projects for the Classic Container" by Melissa Averinos and published by F+W Media.

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