Folio: Mid-Century Modern Stationery Set

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I created this fanciful note card gift set. Follow the directions to create a simple one-pocket folio, and then cut and layer the Duckbill cover art to affix to the folder’s cover. Use the duckbill cutouts left over from the cover art to decorate 4" x 6" (100 x 150mm) note cards and tuck them inside the folder. Either pair the note cards with manufactured size A6 envelopes or use templates to make the envelopes yourself.
Look out for how-tos for the rest of this stationary set.
Butter yellow cardstock (folio):
Self-healing cutting mat
Metal ruler
Craft knife, such as X-ACTO knife
Blades for craft knife, such as X-ACTO #11 blades
2B pencil
Adhesive pick-up square
Liquid adhesive for paper

Source: Simply Paper Cutting | Design Originals

Step 1

Mark the folder’s cut and score lines. Trim the cardstock to the specifications shown on the cutting list. Align the butter yellow 10" x 12" (255 x 305mm) sheet on your cutting mat and pencil in lines as shown in the illustration (p. 139). Use solid lines to indicate cut lines and dotted lines to indicate scored lines.

Step 2

Cut and score the folder to shape. Cut the solid lines to form the folio’s bracing flaps. Score the dotted lines.

Step 3

Adhere the bracing flaps. Fold the 5" (130mm)-long top and bottom flaps inward along their score lines, creating sharp creases. Apply glue to the flaps’ undersides, making sure to cover the corners. Adhere the flaps to the folder interior and burnish.

Step 4

Crease the vertical pocket’s flaps. Fold the vertical 8" (205mm) scored edge, then crease it sharply. Fold the two 2" (50mm)-long top and bottom flaps inward and crease.
Secure the pocket flaps. Leaving the top and bottom flaps folded inward, apply glue to their top/textured sides. Flip the entire pocket inward/left along its 8" (205mm) score line and firmly adhere the 2" (50mm) top and bottom flaps to the interior, creating a pocket. You should now have a 5" x 8" (130 x 205mm) pocket folder ready to be decorated with a cover.

Step 5

Adapted from "Simply Paper Cutting: Hand-Cut Paper Projects for Home Décor, Stationery & Gifts" by Anna Bondoc, published by
Design Originals.

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