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Make a mini-journal to fill with notes-to-self, doodles, or your deepest, darkest secrets. Its wee size makes it perfect for purses, so you can record your brilliant thoughts on the go.
- 5" by 4" piece of cardboard or heavy card stock
- 6" by 5" piece of fabric
- Hot glue gun and glue
- Scissors
- Short stack of paper, such as recycled printer paper, vellum, or watercolor paper
- Pinking shears
- Stapler
- Origami paper or additional fabric (optional)

Source: ,The Bust DIY Guide to Life: Making Your Way Through Every ...

Step 1

Fold the 5" by 4" piece of cardboard or card stock in half (like a card).

Step 2

Affix your fabric to the outside of the cardboard by hot-gluing around the edges of the flattened cardboard and centering your piece of fabric on top. Then fold the cover to make sure you didn’t adhere it too tightly.

Step 3

Once dry, make diagonal cuts in the corners of the fabric that sticks out, so you can fold the excess fabric to the inside.

Step 4

Hot-glue a thin line around the inside edges of the cardboard, then fold the fabric and affix to the inside cover. You may need additional glue where the fabric overlaps.

Step 5

For your journal’s pages, cut a short stack of paper about 4½" by 3½". Cut with pinking shears if you want your pages to have zigzag edges. Fold the stack in half (like a card) and staple twice in the crease to hold the pages together. Be sure not to use too much paper or the cover won’t close.

Step 6

Hot-glue a line down the inside center of the cardboard. Align the edge of your folded-paper pile with the crease; hold till dry. Further secure the pages by gluing the first and last to the cardboard.

Step 7

Make the inside covers pretty by gluing origami paper or additional fabric over them.

Step 8

Excerpted from "The DIY Bust Guide to Life" by Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel, published by STC Craft.

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