Morning Cereal Gift Wrap Tags

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Inspiration for my projects comes from all sorts of places and sometimes it comes when I least expect it, like eating breakfast with my six-year-old nephew. He was chowing down on Fruit Loops and I was admiring all of the colorful loops of whole grains in the bowl. Why couldn’t they be used as beads instead and wired into a large letter as a gift topper? And that’s how this project came to be.
- Cereal (we used Fruit Loops here)
- scissors
- florist wire

Step 1

Cut a piece of florist wire approximately 24 inches long and bend it into the shape of the letter of your choice. Twist the wire in places so it stays together in the form of the letter, but keep one main part of it open so you can easily thread cereal onto the wire.

Step 2

Thread the cereal one at a time and twist the opening closed when you have reached the end.

Step 3

Reprinted with permission from "Upcycling Celebrations: A Use-What-You-Have Guide to Decorating, Gift-Giving & Entertaining" © 2012 by Danny Seo, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

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