Natural Wood Coffee Table

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A coffee table made from a slab and a stump will really bring the outdoors into your living room. You could also build one of these rugged pieces to serve as a long-lasting, no-fuss outdoor table. Slap a couple of stumps next to it, and you’ve got seating!
--Excerpted from "Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring the Outdoors In" by Ernest C Lubkemann, published by Fox Chapel. Images by Scott Kriner.
Materials and Tools:
• Big slab of wood for tabletop
• Big stump for pedestal
• Belt sander
• Stain, if desired

Source: , Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring...

Step 1

Find a big slab of wood for the tabletop. Here’s the large slice of American elm I started with. This is definitely a piece I wouldn’t want to drop on any body parts!

Step 2

Sand the top of the slab with a belt sander. I like the look of leaving the rough chainsaw cuts visible, but just smoothing out the surface.

Step 3

I decided to stain this slab dark. Use a big stump or log as a pedestal. Use two stumps or logs if needed. You might need some shims to keep the top level. I use the weight of the slab to connect the two pieces.

Step 4

Be sure to cover the table if you plan to leave it outside. The more you protect the wood from the elements, the longer it will last.

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