Old Book Crafts — A Music Fan Pop-Up Card

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Do you often wonder what to do with old books? You can make a simple card with a beautiful surprise using this easy tutorial. This is great way to use up old books or sheet music, and is a fun introduction to the art of making pop ups. In fact, you might like these old book crafts that will keep you thinking green while you craft.

Step 1

To complete this project, you will need:
- a ruler
- a bone folder
- a paper cutter
- a glue stuck
- old music sheets or old book pages
- a folded card.
Other optional materials include a corner rounder and a cutting mat or any other hard surface (I used a notebook).

Step 2

Type and print text to glue to the front of your card. You can also handwrite text directly onto the card, if you would like. This text can, of course, be anything you want.
Once the text is written, cut it down to the appropriate size for your card. I decided to round the edges of my front text paper, but this is optional.

Step 3

Cut down the paper you intend to use for your accordion pop-up to the appropriate size for your card. This took some trial and error for me to get right.
The width of your inside should be about 1/4 of inch smaller than the total width of your card. For instance, if the unfolded card width is 7 inches, your inside paper should be 6 3/4 inches wide.
The height of your inside paper should be considerably larger, as you will need to fold it down to make a fan. The fan must also be wide enough in order for it to hold its shape once the card is laid flat.
The card I used was 7 inches wide (unfolded) and 4 7/8 inches tall, and I cut my inside paper to 6 3/4 inches wide and about 10 inches tall.

Step 4

Once your paper is cut, use a bone folder and a ruler to score it in order to create even folds for its intended accordion shape. Use the width of your ruler as the spacing size between each scored line.

Step 5

Fold your paper along the scored lines to make the accordion shape. Then fold the paper in half vertically.

Step 6

Glue the two halves of your paper together.

Step 7

Insert your accordion into your card, centering it in the middle. Make sure the back of your fan is as close as possible to the inside middle line of the card.
Glue each side of your accordion to you card. You may have to adjust it a bit in order for the card to open and close smoothly. Make sure that the fan can open completely when your card is laid flat. If it doesn't, you may need to create another fan with a longer piece of paper.

Step 8

Give your new card to someone you love! Maybe you will inspire them to think about what to do with old books, and to see discarded items with new life.

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