Outer Space Kids' Party Ideas

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Everyone will want to take this rocket home. Send eager guests home with these instructions so they can make and customize their own cool space rocket.
- Tall potato chip can
- 1/2" (13mm) foam stick on letters
- 1" (25mm) foam stick on glitter letters
- 10 to 12 glitter stick on stars (3/4", 2cm)
- 12" x 12" (31cm x 31cm) scrapbook paper
- 20" to 24" (50 to 60cm) ribbon
- 6" (15cm) Styrofoam cone
- 1/2" (13mm) gold glitter pom-pom
- Four 2" (5cm) diamond shape woodlets
- Acrylic paint: Bright Blue, Bright Orange, Shamrock Green
- Four 1" (25mm) wood spools

Source: Crafty Parties for Kids | Design Originals

Step 1

Eat the contents of the potato chip can before starting!
Paint Styrofoam cone Shamrock Green, woodlet diamonds Bright Blue, and wood spools and plastic chip lid Bright Orange.
Measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit chip can. (Optional: Leave 1/4" (6mm) of can exposed for an additional colored band at top of paper.)
Decorate with ribbon and stick on stars.

Step 2

Glue decorated paper onto can. Adhere 1/2" (13mm) letters onto cone, spelling out birthday child’s name or guests’ names. Glue cone to top of plastic lid and pom-pom to top of cone. Glue wood spools to bottom of chip can and wing fins to lower quarter of can.

Step 3

Milky Way Favor
Attach a Milky way miniature candy bar to a glittered pieced of cardstock, cut into a star shape.

Step 4

UFO Food Bowl
Fill a spaceship with chips, pretzels, candies, or other treats your guests will love.

  • 2 aluminum 9" (23cm) pie pans
  • 50 glitter pom-poms in assorted colors   Use craft knife to cut out bottom of one pie pan. Glue two pans together with brims together. Glue pom-poms around lip.

Step 5

Rocket Cake
Bake a rocket cake for your next space party.

- Your Favorite Cake Recipe
- Cardboard
- Template (provided)

Step 6

Bake cake in 9" x 13" (23cm x 33cm) pan. Following cutting guide, assemble on a board the size and shape of the rocket (as pictured above). Using a star point, do fins in black icing and body in white icing. Add decorations and logos as desired.

Step 7

This how-to is excerpted with permission from "Crafty Parties for Kids: Creative Ideas, Invitations, Games, Favors, and More" by Margaret Riley, published by Design Originals.

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