Painting Ideas for Kids — Color Wheel

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Create a colorful abstract painting in the style of Robert Delaunay. Divide circular shapes into different-sized segments and paint them with mixtures of colors that show up well next to each other. For the best effect, take your time choosing the colors and deciding where they will go. Refer to the color wheel for help with the color relationships.
- Old newspaper to protect your work surface
- 3 pencis
- 3 compasses or small round objects like jar lids or cups
- 3 Good-quality pieces of white paper in 12" x 18" (30 x 45 cm)
- 3 rulers
- 3 Tempera paints
- 3 paintbrushes
- 3 containers of water
- Paper towels to clean the paintbrush between colors
- 3 Paper plates

Step 1

Draw several circular shapes on your paper with a compass or by tracing round objects. Make circles within other circles. Make a few circles that overlap. Use the ruler to divide your shapes into smaller sections.

Step 2

Begin by painting several areas throughout your design with the bright, bold primary colors — red, yellow, and blue. Repeating colors throughout your painting will create a sense of balance and unity.

Step 3

Choose a secondary color, and repeat it in a few places throughout your painting. Using this color next to its color complement will create an appealing effect.

Step 4

Continue painting with the remaining secondary colors. Using the color wheel featured above, create intermediate colors by mixing a primary color with a neighboring secondary color. Create lighter and darker colors by mixing in either a little black or white paint.

Step 5

This painting craft for kids is excerpted with permission from "Making Amazing Art: 40 Activities Using the 7 Elements of Art Design" by Sandi Henry, published by Ideals Publishing.

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