Paper Apple Garland

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Are you looking for fun and simple crafts to do with kids? Hang this cheerful apple garland on the mantle or over a doorway to help celebrate the fall season. This banner is simple to create and fun to display.
- 5" piece of yarn, any color
- 1 sheet of red craft paper
- 1 sheet of green craft paper
- 1 sheet of yellow craft paper
- 1 sheet of brown craft paper
- 1 green pipe cleaner
- Pencil
- Craft glue or tape
- Scissors

Step 1

Draw a 4 × 4" apple shape on your red craft paper. Cut out this apple and use it as a template to cut out 5 more red apples, 6 yellow apples, and 6 green apples (18 total).

Step 2

With your brown paper, cut out 18 stems, 1 × 3" in size for each stem. Glue one end to the top of the apple. Fold the brown stem paper into a loop and glue it down on the other side of the apple. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 3

Thread your yarn through the loop of each apple’s stem. You can add a drop of glue or tape to each stem to keep the apple in place on the yarn. Use the main photo as a guide.

Step 4

Cut your green pipe cleaner in half to get 2 pieces. Bend and curl each pipe cleaner piece to create 2 green worms, as shown in the main photo. Place a green worm through the brown stem of one of your apples, which will hold the stem in place. Repeat with the second stem.

Step 5

This project is excerpted with permission from "Make and Takes for Kids: 50 Projects Throughout the Year" by Marie LeBaron and published by Wiley.

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