Paper Christmas tree

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Create this mini Christmas tree decoration from scratch using simple materials such as paper, cardstock and various embellishments. Choose scrapbook paper and decorations that are in-keeping with your own style to make a trendy seasonal decoration. These atmospheric paper Christmas trees are produced by cutting and folding paper, and adding sequins. Why not place an LED light underneath for maximum Christmas effect on the dinner table, mantelpiece or windowsill.

Step 1

Cut out 3 pieces of cardstock measuring 15 x 15cm and score them diagonally.

Step 2

Place the 1st piece of card stock in front of you, with the scored line travelling from the bottom-left corner to the top-right. Stick the 2nd piece of cardstock onto the right-hand side of the 1st piece, with the scored line travelling from top to bottom. Stick it against the scored line on the 1st piece of cardstock, so that the corners line up neatly.

Step 3

Next, stick the 3rd piece of cardstock against the scored line of the 2nd piece of cardstock, with the scored line travelling from top-left to bottom-right.

Step 4

Now create some triangles. Make 2 squares measuring 14.5cm from cardstock and cut through them diagonally. Next, make 2 squares measuring 14cm from scrapbook paper and cut through these diagonally also. You will need 3 triangles of each.

Step 5

Stick the scrapbook paper triangles onto the cardstock triangles. Pay attention to the direction of the pattern.

Step 6

Open up the blank card and stick the triangles onto the 3 edges shown.

Step 7

Now, make 2 squares measuring 5.5cm from cardstock and cut through them diagonally, then stick them onto the plain card. You will only need 3 triangles.

Step 8

Stick the card together so that you end up with a pyramid shape.

Step 9

Decorate the card to your liking with a selection of embellishments.

Step 10

Place an LED tea light under the paper Christmas trees.

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