Paper Cone Party Favors

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These little cones are handy for party favors, just the right size to fill with jelly beans or other candy favorites. Since you need square paper, you can either cut a longer sheet to size or custom-make square paper, using an old square picture frame as a mold. For the pulp, we used colored napkins, an old paper bag, and a paper towel.
- 5 1/2" square of handmade paper (per cone)
- Scissors
- Clear tape
- Pencil or pen
- Hole punch
- 8" colored string, ribbon, or yarn
- Rubber stamps and ink pad(s) or label maker (optional)

Source: ,Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking: Make Your Own Recycled Pape...

Step 1

Trim off the rough edges on two sides of the paper square using scissors; these should be adjacent sides, not opposite one another. If you want the top edge of the cone to be smooth, as shown in the project, trim all four edges.

Step 2

Practice rolling the cone by bringing the two adjacent trimmed sides of the paper together. Unroll the cone and lay a piece of tape along one inside cut edge with half of the tape hanging off the edge (the second cut edge will be attached there).

Step 3

Roll the cone back into shape, carefully pressing the cut edges together and matching up the tip and base of cone. To ensure a strong joint, use the back of a pencil, pen, or fingernail to smooth the tape down securely.

Step 4

Punch a hole in the top corner of the cone. The hole should be large enough to accommodate whatever ribbon or string you decide to use as your hanging loop.

Step 5

Tie the 8" piece of string into a loop, with a knot larger than the punched hole. Pull the looped end through the hole; the knot should keep it from passing through.

Step 6

Optional: Add labels to the front of the cones, depending on intended use.

Step 7

Crafty Tips:
- To save time, reuse/recycle the pulp colors. Use the base color from a cone for the decorative colors on another cone.
- Blend the pulp to a very smooth consistency for pulp gun painting. Use a pastry icing squeeze bottle or an old honey bottle. The tip should be at least 3/16" in diameter or pulp will clog and come out in uneven spurts.
- Blend pulp very smoothly for the square cone paper. Mottled materials don't curve/bend very well.

Step 8

This paper cones party favors how-to is excerpted with permission from "Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking" by Arnold E. Grummer and published by Storey Publishing.

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