Paper Feather Necklace

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You don't need to blow your bank account to get a feather necklace. If you've got basic jewelry-making supplies in addition to some scrap paper, you're well on your way to making a trendy customized piece yourself!
Tools and materials:
24 gauge wire (sterling or low-allergy brass)
20 gauge wire (sterling or low-allergy brass) OR clasp findings
Between 16" and 30" of sterling or low-allergy brass chain
Scrap paper
Feather template* sized to liking and printed on cardstock
Scissors or crafting knife to cut out template
Small paintbrush
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
* Need a free feather template? Try this one.
** You could use Mod Podge as a sealant, but if you want your jewelry to last through the years — and perhaps some dancing in the rain — you'll want something hardier. I use this versatile VOC-free sealer from Earth Safe Finishes. I once dropped this necklace into a cup of water without noticing and found it totally undamaged the next day, thanks to this sealer.

Step 1

Have all your tools and materials?

Step 2

Use your crafting knife or (very precise) scissors to cut out the feather template you printed onto cardstock. Once you have your template, trace it onto the underside of your scrap paper and cut it out. Make another feather cut-out so you have two.
Take some of your 24 gauge wire and bend it so it's shaped like the feather quill. Use your wire cutters so that the wire "quill" is about an inch longer than the feather. You'll be using your round nose pliers to attach it to the chain in a moment.

Step 3

Feed the wire through the chain. Use your round nose pliers to make a loop and wrap with the chain inside the loop. Cut excess wire. Repeat on other end so you have one length of wire attached to an uninterrupted chain.
If you're unfamiliar with the technique, check out YouTube for free wire-wrapping tutorials. It's super easy, I promise!

Step 4

Here's the part that requires a smidge of patience. Paint on a thin layer of your sealant so you can press together the two feather templates you made out of your scrap paper with the wire "quill" between them. Use a gentle but firm touch to press the feathers together. And then, hands off! Let the feather dry for a few minutes.
Don't worry if your layers are a little uneven. You can trim them with your scissors once the paper is dry. Wait until it's totally dry if you're using a crafting knife.
Once the piece is dry and you've trimmed the edges to align, paint on a layer of your sealant on the exterior of the feather. Let each layer dry completely before painting on another coat. Be sure to apply at least two layers of your sealant to both sides of your feather.
I haven't attempted to use a spray sealant on this design, and due to the proximity of the chain, I wouldn't recommend it.

Step 5

If your necklace requires a clasp, decide whether you want to buy findings and attach them with wire (there's an easy tutorial for that right here courtesy of empirebeads) or make your own easy hook and eye clasp (tutorial here, courtesy of Beadaholique). If you decide to do the latter, use 20 gauge wire and hammer it for added durability.
And now, you're done!

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