Paper Ring Crescent Wall Hanging

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Create a chic and colorful wall hanging using only a paper cutter or scissors, paper and a glue stick.
This project has tons of variation potential. Use recycled paper like maps, music sheets or magazine pages, and make your paper moon any size that you want.

Step 1

To create your paper moon, first cut your strips of paper with a paper cutter or pair of scissors. You will need to have uniform length and height for each paper strip.
For our project, we used strips of paper about 5 inches in height and a 1/2 inch in width.

Step 2

Cut as many strips of paper as you will need to complete your project, in varying colors or patterns of your choice.
For our project, we cut around 40 strips of paper to make a wall hanging about 23 inches tall.

Step 3

Create the first paper ring by applying glue to one end of one paper strip. Adhere it to the other end to form your ring.

Step 4

Add the second ring to the first one by taking one paper strip and inserting it through your first ring. Apply glue to one end of the second paper strip and adhere it to its other end.

Step 5

Instead of making simple rows of rings, we will need to steadily increase each row by one ring in order to create the paper moon. It will first look like a triangle.
Add a third ring through the first ring, following the instructions in step 4.

Step 6

The second row will require three rings. Add two rings to one ring in the previous row, then add one ring to the second ring in the previous row.

Step 7

Continue following the pattern shown in steps 5 and 6, adding additional rings to each consecutive row. For instance, add 4 rings to your previous row of 3 rings by placing 2 rings in one of the previous row's rings, then add one ring each in the other two rings of the previous row.
Continue this format until you achieve the length that you want.

Step 8

When your paper sculpture is as wide as you would like it, you will need to decrease the rows in order to give it an oblong, oval shape.
For our example, we stopped once we reached 10 rings in one row. To create 9 rings in the next row, we simply inserted one paper strip into two rings and formed a ring with that paper strip. Then, we attached 8 rings to the additional rings in the previous row. We followed this format for each consecutive row unit we only had one ring at the end of the sculpture.

Step 9

Once your paper sculpture is complete, you're now ready to hang it on your wall.
We hung two nails in angled positions to achieve the shape shown in the image above. You may need to play around with the shape of the paper crescent by hanging other rings in your previous rows, instead of the one at the end, to achieve a fuller shape.

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