Papercut Heart Designs by Poppy Chancellor

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Excerpted with permission from Cut It Out!: 30 Papercut Designs to Cut Out and Keep by Poppy Chancellor:
As a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day has always been a bit of an event for me. Whether it’s a heartsmashing piñata party or an awkward date to the chip shop, everyone’s talking about it. You can make a papercut for your lover, just for your fine self or even for someone you despise then burn it into a thousand pieces! (It’s very therapeutic.)
Let’s be fair, when you give someone a papercut that took you hours to make, it’s a pretty obvious way of saying ‘I like you’ without even having to utter the words … Perfect!
With regards to the hen-do's, crafting is always a great way to get to know each other before the strippers arrive. See if your gang can make some additional accessories for the bride’s wedding or just to make her feel unstoppable on her last night of disco-dancing freedom.
Here are a few designs to make you blush.

Step 1

I’ve designed this romantic piece with two scrolls and a lovely rolling ampersand to allow you to add your desired names. A last name, nickname or pet name would do the job nicely!

Step 2

This simple design won’t take you too long to cut out. Practise adding in capital letters or numbers to make it truly personal.

Step 3

This piece is lovely as a romantic gift. Add in your own names to make it extra special. Remember to start with those little bits of detail first when you’re cutting.
Excerpted with permission from Cut It Out!: 30 Papercut Designs to Cut Out and Keep

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