Picture Frame Made with Magazine Clippings

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The idea for the magazine photo frame was, I must admit, pilfered from Urban Outfitters. The store sells frames made with rolled up magazine clippings for around $25.
If you have time, this is an easy and cheap craft. The frame, made for the cost of magazines (which we all probably have a few of), plus glue and cardboard, saved me at many birthday parties during college when I had little money to spend on gifts. People loved them and of course you can fill the frame with a special photo or let the recipient pick what they want the frame to hold.
The above picture is of a magazine-frame in progress for my new bedroom in Brooklyn.
All you need is glue, magazine clippings, knife or pair of scissors, a ruler, and cardboard.

Step 1

The side of a cereal box is a good size. Take a kitchen knife and cut a square in the middle of the cardboard for whatever size photo you want. The more careful crafter can use a ruler to make sure all four cuts are even and straight.

Step 2

Rip or cut out pieces of the magazine. Pick cool colors and funny phrases. I make the clippings about 2 inches long so the rolls aren't too thick. However, it's up to you how long to make yours - make them as thick or skinny as you want! The clippings can be as wide as you want the roll to be.
Then simply roll up the magazine clipping like a cigarette. At the end put a little glue to keep the roll together. Then glue it to the cardboard.
Just keep going until your whole surface is filled.

Step 3

Note: For a more finished product, glue or tack wooden dowels to the edged of the cardboard. The frame can also be used as colorful matting and placed inside a frame.

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