Recycled Crafts for Kids and Teens - Bottle Cap Photo Frames

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Everyone knows you can recycle glass soda bottle but have you thought about how to use their caps? Turn them into something useful and artistic by making a Bottle Cap Photo Frame. It is a fun way to make a personalized magnet for your school locker. Make plenty and share with friends.
Here's what you need:
- Bottle caps
- Pen
- Magazines
- Pen
- Scissors
- Heavy paper or card stock
- Clear glue
- Clear tape
- Tooth pick
- Thin self-adhesive magnets

Step 1

Place a bottle cap on top of a small picture in a magazine. Trace around the cap with a pen and cut out the picture.

Step 2

Trace the bottle cap onto a piece of card stock and cut out the circle. Spread a small drop of glue on one side of the circle and press the picture to the card stock circle and let dry.

Step 3

Cover the front of the picture with clear tape, making sure not to leave any gaps. The tape will keep the glue in step 5 from soaking into the picture. Trim off the extra tape.

Step 4

Carefully apply small drops of super glue to the raised circle inside the bottle cap. Be careful not to touch the glue with your fingers. Press the picture into the cap. Allow the super glue to dry.

Step 5

Put a small amount of clear glue on the picture. Tilt the bottle cap around to spread the glue over the whole picture. If air bubbles form, use a tooth pick to move the glue around. Let dry completely.

Step 6

Peel off the adhesive liner from the back of a thin magnet. Press the magnet to the back of the bottle cap frame.

Step 7

You can also use photos of friends, pets or famous stars you like. Use a computer to re-size your images so they're small enough to fit inside the bottle cap and then print them on photo paper and follow steps 1 through 6.

Step 8

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet)" by Carol Sirrine (Author), Jen Jones (Author) and published by Craft It Yourself.

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