Refashion Shoes with Paint

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A dip in colorful paint hides the scuffs on a favorite pair of shoes. The refashion project takes less than 10 minutes, plus drying time. Consider accessorizing your shoe re-do with vintage earring clips or velvet ribbon attached with glue or thread. The only head's up: use paint with the same finish as your shoes. Have a glossy patent leather? Consider an equally shiny paint.
-A stiff pair of shoes
-Painter's tape
-Paint (I used a can of paint from the hardware store, but you could adjust the project to use spray paint or artist's paints.)

Source: Tutorial: Cap-toe Ballet Flats « 14 Shades Of Grey

Step 1

Prep the shoes by cleaning them, if desired, and allow to dry. Next, tape shoes with painter's tape. Consider putting tape along the sole of the shoe to prevent paint from getting on the sole.

Step 2

Dip the shoes in your bucket of paint, being careful to come just up to your tape line. Allow the shoes to dry at least overnight and up to 72 hours. Several coats may be needed for a finished polish.

Step 3

Remove tape and take out the now-dry shoes for a sexy night on the town.

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