Reversible Creature Backpack Pattern

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This weird bag is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s perfect for kids or those with a wacky sense of humor. It’s just the right shape to model a number of different creatures: a robot, monster, dinosaur and shark. With the aid of a reversible zipper, the entire bag can be turned inside out, revealing another creature as it fits your mood.
Level: Easy
1 yd. (100cm) of 45" (114.5cm)-wide or 2/3 yd. (67cm) of 60" (152.5cm)-wide light- to medium-weight fabric in colors A and B
For dinosaur: 1/4 yd. (25cm) or 15" x 15" (38 x 38cm) remnant of contrast fabric
For robot: 2 1/2 yd. (250cm) double-fold bias tape
- 2 1/2 yd. (225cm) lightweight interfacing
- 20" (51cm)-long reversible zipper
- Eight 1" (2.5cm) D-rings
- Four 1" (2.5cm) hook rings
- Two 1" (2.5cm) strap adjusters
- 2 1/2 yd. (250cm) of 1" (2.5cm)-wide webbing
- Stenciling or appliqué supplies & fabric (optional)

Step 1

Before you begin
Cut out all the main fabric in colors A and B, contrast fabric, and interfacing pieces using the patterns and charts. Make any markings as indicated by the patterns. Apply the corresponding interfacing pieces to the chosen character pieces: the shark and monster (A–E) or robot and dinosaur (F–K). Also apply the interfacing to the tab pieces (L).

Step 2

Stencil or appliqué.
Stencil or appliqué the desired creature designs on the Color A and Color B pieces (A, F–G). [For the robot: apply the bias tape where the pattern guidelines indicate to make the lines.]

Step 3

Install the zipper.
Center and pin the bag top (A or F) in Color A over the zipper tape. Layer the bag top in Color B underneath and sew the three layers together. Press the seam away from the zipper. Repeat the same for the other side of the zipper with the bag bottom pieces (B or G).

Step 4

Sew the bag back.
Sew the bag back pieces together along the straight edge, leaving the middle open on Color B where the pattern indicates for turning right side out. Press the seam open.

Step 5

Sew the appendages.
Sew the various appendages for the chosen creature: arms, legs, fins, spikes, and tails (C–E or H–K). Sew around the curved edges, leaving the straight edges free for turning right side out. Notch the corners and curves, turn them right side out, and press.

Step 6

Sew the tabs and straps.
Sew the tab pieces (L) according to this tutorial.

Step 7

Baste the appendages.
Baste the creature appendages where the pattern indicates to hold them securely for the next step. Also fold each tab in half around a D-ring, and baste them where the pattern indicates.

Step 8

Sew the body of the creature.
Layer and pin together the creature’s body. Layer the body back in Color A over the face of the creature in Color A with right sides facing. Layer the body back in Color B (the one with the opening) over the face of the creature in Color B with right sides facing. Sew all four layers around the entire body, being sure to sew slowly and carefully over the zipper and to move the zipper slider so it rests inside the body when the seam is sewn.
Cut a 12" (30.5cm)-long piece of webbing for the base of the strap, and a 24" (61cm)-long piece for the adjustable side. Assemble the strap with a strap adjuster. See the Handbag Hardware section (page 20) for help with this.

Step 9

Finish the bag.
Turn the bag right side out and sew the opening in the back closed. Attach the hook rings through the D-rings to attach the straps.

Step 10

Excerpted with permission from "Sewing Stylish Handbags & Totes: Chic to Unique Bags & Purses That You Can Make" by Choly Knight and published by Design Originals.

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