Romantic Woodburn Carved Driftwood for Anniversary

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In the book "Tree Craft," Ernest C. Lubkemann recalls how he came a across a piece of driftwood on the beach and carved it into an "anniversary stump."
"When Sheri and I celebrated our 40th anniversary a couple of years ago, our children gave us a few days at a bed and breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey. Even though it was late fall/early winter, we went walking on the beach, looking at the water, the sand, the thousands of shells, gazing at the sky…and (occasionally) at each other, too! At one point on one of our walks we ran across a very eroded, water- and sand-sculpted stump that had washed up on shore. There it lay, just littering up the beautiful beach. Well, it just had to come home! A souvenir of a fun trip and a monument to another great trip that had been going on for 40 years…and the adventure continues!"
--Excerpted from "Tree Craft: 35 Rustic Wood Projects That Bring the Outdoors In" by Ernest C. Lubkemann, published by Fox Chapel. Images by Scott Kriner.
Tools and Materials:
• Log or stump
• Drawknife
• Chisel
• Pocketknife
• Sandpaper
• Woodburner

Step 1

Find your own stump or log, and an occasion to celebrate! Perhaps your son or daughter just bought their first house … why not woodburn their new address into the stump to serve as a welcome log? You get the idea.

Step 2

Strip the bark off the stump using whatever tool feels right to you. I’d recommend a drawknife, chisel, or pocketknife.

Step 3

Sand the wood, if needed.

Step 4

Decorate the stump with your woodburner. You could even carve something into the stump if you wanted.

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