Sculpt a Menorah Out of Paperclay

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The ninth candle, the Shamash, is used to light the other eight. With this craft idea from "Every Day’s a Holiday: Year Round Crafting with Kids," by Heidi Kenney, you can create a very special mini menorah that is just the right size for kids. Always have an adult help with lighting the candles.
You Will Need:
6 oz Paperclay
1 tablespoon glitter
9 birthday cake candles

Source: Sculpt a Menorah Out of Paperclay - Craftfoxes

Step 1

Work the Paperclay with your hands until soft. Add the glitter and mix until the glitter is mixed in well.

Step 2

Shape the clay into a rectangular shape at least 5 in long.

Step 3

Use one of the candle bottoms to create 9 holes across the top of your clay menorah. Try to make the holes at least 2 in deep. Allow menorah to dry overnight or for several hours.

Step 4

Once the menorah is dry, insert all 9 candles. The candles should fit snugly.

Step 5

On the first night, the candle to the far right is lit, and on the second night the second candle to the right, and so on until the eighth night when all eight candles are lit.

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