Felt Butterfly Sewing Pattern

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Every garden needs a colorful butterfly to visit all the growing plants. Look for other Secret Garden felt characters.
- Felt in yellow, orange, red, and black
- Embroidery thread in coordinating colors
- Embroidery needle
- Iron-on adhesive
- 2 pipe cleaners
- 1 yellow hairband
- Two 3/4" (20mm) red glitter buttons
- Two 3/4" (20mm) yellow glitter buttons
- Two 1/2" (15mm) red glitter buttons
- Two 1/2" (15mm) yellow glitter buttons
- Scissors
- Wire cutters
- Permanent marker
- Pins
- Polyester fiberfill stuffing

Source: ,Felt from the Heart: How to Hand-Stitch Cute and Cuddly Fe...

Step 1

Enlarge the pattern by 145% for the required size and cut out all the pattern pieces.

Step 2

Heat set the hearts as shown on the pattern, and whip stitch around edges. Stitch 1/2" (15mm) and 3/4" (20mm) yellow and red glitter buttons in place.

Step 3

Pin the wings together, and whip stitch around edges, leaving two openings for stuffing.

Step 4

Fold the antenna piece in half lengthwise, and whip stitch along the long edge.

Step 5

Cut two pipe cleaners to 4 1/2" (11.5cm) in length. Fold back 1/4" (5mm) of each end of one pipe cleaner, and slip the pipe cleaner into the antenna casing.

Step 6

On the front body piece, stem stitch the mouth and use French knots for eyes. Pin the body front and back pieces in place over the wings.

Step 7

Fold the antenna piece in half, and pin it between the layers of the head. Whip stitch around the edges of the head, and use a running stitch around the edges of the body on the wings. Be sure to stitch through the front and back body pieces.

Step 8

Leave the point at the bottom of the body open. Fold back 1/4" (5mm) of each end of the remaining pipe cleaner, and push it into the body. Stitch the body closed.
Lightly stuff the wings. Add a hairband to the upper right side, and stitch the wings closed.

Step 9

Adapted from "Felt from the Heart: How to Hand-Stitch Cute and Cuddly Felt Stuffies" by Ana Araujo, published by Design Originals.

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