Secret Note Card Tutorial

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Reminiscent of folded notes stealthed across 7th period study hall, these accordion-folded cards with envelopes create a charming addition to scrapbooks or mini albums. A photo tutorial created by Juhi Khanna of Juhi's Handmade Cards offers a cheery and detailed how-to for crafting your own secreted love letter or scrapbook embellishment.
- One 11 x 11 inch sheet of patterned paper for the envelope
- One 5 x 11 inch sheet of plain paper for the accordion insert
- Bone-folder
- Glue stick
- Embellishments/stamps to decorate the cover and insert
- Ruler

Source: Reprinted with permission from Juhi Khanna at

Step 1

Fold the 11 x 11 inch patterned paper in half along the diagonal and crease with a bone folder. I have used 11 x 11 inch handmade paper. If you use patterned paper, then place the patterned side of the paper facing down while folding.

Step 2

Measuring from the left, make pencil marks at 5.5 inch and 10 inch. Then, fold the right point over to the left pencil mark and crease heavily, then unfold. Now fold the left point over to the right mark, crease heavily and unfold. Erase your pencil marks.

Step 3

Fold both points over again with the left point on top. Then take the tip of the left point and fold it back to the left so that the new vertical fold is at the bottom of the V formed by the overlapping sections of the fold-note. Crease this hard with your bone folder.

Step 4

Take the left point and raise it to a standing position. Holding both sides of the point open between your thumbs and forefingers, push the point forward to create a diamond pocket. Crease the folds with your bone folder. Fold the remaining top point of the fold-note down to the bottom center of your fold-note and crease heavily. Now lift the top flap and stick the point into the diamond pocket.

Step 5

To create the accordion insert to write/print your message lay your 5 x 11 inch plain paper in the center rectangle of the triangle.
Begin accordion pleating. No measuring is necessary - the sections of your accordion letter can be different sizes as long as it all fits inside the fold-note. The first fold is the biggest followed by progressively smaller folds. Stick the biggest fold onto the inside of the fold-note.
Embellish or stamp it as you please and your fold-note with the accordion insert is ready.

Step 6

Use this accordion-folded note as an embellishment on a cheeky scrapbook page or as a unique party invite.

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