Shoes and Belt Makeovers for Back to School

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Save yourself some cash and makeover your belts and shoes for back to school. See the video tutorial here:

Step 1

Slim down some painter's tape with a craft knife and ruler
Place it on the center of a belt making sure it's completely adhered to the belt
Paint both sides of the belt with your favorite colors of multi-surface paint
Let dry, remove the tape, coat with varnish

Step 2

Pick your favorite colors and color block a belt from tip to buckle
Add a line of extra color at the end of each block and drag
with a dry brush into the next color
Paint your details
Coat with varnish and let dry

Step 3

Clean and dust your shoes
Coat the entire shoe with your favorite multi-surface paint
Add black to the color you chose to make a darker shade
Accent the shoes with the darker color and blend with a cloth
Coat with varnish, lace up and you're done.

Step 4

With a ruler, draw a diamond pattern on your belt lightly with a pencil
Fill in the sides with cream or white
Fill in each diamond with your favorite colors
Coat with DuraClear Gloss Varnish and let dry

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