Simple and Sweet DIY Cork Trivet

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This Trivet will protect your countertops—but it looks snazzy enough to use in front of guests on a tabletop, too! This project makes great use of those corks with printed ends. Use them as the center surrounded by corks with plain ends, as shown in the photo, or mix it up however you like.
37 corks (all the same height and width)
Hot glue gun
1 (22") piece of (7⁄8"-wide) grosgrain ribbon

Step 1

Arrange corks as shown in the photo and glue together.

Step 2

Glue ribbon along the center of the outside of the trivet, making sure to glue and tuck the ribbon into the crevices where the corks meet. Overlap the ends and cut off excess ribbon.

Step 3

Excerpted with permission from DIY Wine Corks: 35+ Cute and Clever Cork Crafts by Melissa Averinos (Adams Media).

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