Skirt & Stripe Blouse Handmade Card

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Use quilling techniques to make this unique handmade card.
- Bazzill Basics cardstock (6" x 8" piece of Dark Red, Navy Blue)
- Paper (star stripe, Turquoise)
- Quilling paper (1/8" White, 3/8" Holiday Green)
- 5/8" flower punch
- 3 blue 3 mm rhinestones
- Deckle scissors

Step 1

To make the blouse:
Following the images, Cut a 3" x 6" rectangle of paper.
With colored side up, pinch center of each short end. Fold long sides to center crease and unfold.
With white up, fold down top edge equal to side fold width.
Fold the cut edge up to folded edge, crease and unfold.
Fold bottom edge up 1/3 the height of figure. Be accurate.
Unfold so top edge is cut edge again. Turn project over.
Fold long sides in to meet at center along existing creases.
Lift loose corners at bottom center and make slanted folds.
Fold top edge to back on top crease.
Fold top corners down to meet at intersection of horizontal crease and center line.
Lift bottom edge and slide it under points of collar. Crease at new bottom edge.
The completed blouse/shirt with opening at bottom where pant or skirt may be inserted. For shirt, fold bottom sides back at an angle.

Step 2

To make the skirt:
Cut a 2" x 6" strip of paper. To make pleats the same size and to fold accurately, lightly draw guidelines on the back of paper with a pencil and ruler.
Fold paper back and forth to crease along each line.
Shape accordion folds into a skirt. Stretch lower end to desired fullness and upper end to match width of bottom of shirt.

Step 3

This handmade card how-to is excerpted with permission from "Quilling: New Papercrafting Projects with a Traditional Past" by Jane Cleveland, Katrina Hogan, Laura Gregory, Ruth Ann Warwick and Suzanne McNeill, published by Design Originals.

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