Sleepy Owl Free Hand Embroidery Design

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This cute hand embroidery design pattern
of this sweet little owl is a perfect companion
to any nursery items & gifts.
In this Free Little Sparrow Nest Pattern
you will find a general walk thru for creating this whimsical owl,
Feel free to use your choice of colors for a personal look!
I chose to add a few details and make this little owl
A sleep deprived momma, cause goodness knows, as a momma
We ALL know how that can feel!
I imagined this little piece hanging in a wall next
to where a new momma rocks & feeds her baby…
That way it brings a smile to her new world.
Of course, you don’t have to make your owl sleepy!
Just leave off the “bags” and lettering,
and maybe change your eye style…
and you’ve got a cute whimsical owl!

Source: Sleepy Owl Free Hand Embroidery Design

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