Snugglicious Pet Bed

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Excerpted with permission from Joselyn Hughes' DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting(HarperOne)
Pets will sleep just about anywhere. They don’t need a special bed.
They don’t even know what a bed is. But as owners, we need to give
them beds because we need to prove to ourselves that we’re great
caretakers. So great that we could probably take care of an actual
human child one day. Probably.
Kids are much harder, because of all the talking and caretaking and
passing along values and whatnot, but with pets, a nice bed pretty much
qualifies you as a great parent. Look what I made for you! You’re my hairy little baby! Love me! Stop licking your butt!
Since most of the furry friends I have are happy to sleep on any surface whatsoever, I think it’s a safe bet that yours too will appreciate you transforming your favorite sweatshirt (or one you were about to throw away) into a bed. Again, pets don’t know the difference between your favorite and "about to throw away" sweatshirts. And if they do, run. They know too much and will tell everyone what you do when you’re alone.

Step 1

• sweatshirt (size depends on the size of your pet)
• sewing machine
• measuring tape
• sewing chalk
• sewing pins
• stuffing material such as fiberfill (or possibly an old pillow)

Step 2

  • Turn the sweatshirt inside out.
  • Sew the edges of the collar together.
  • Mark a line from armpit to armpit across the chest or back of the sweatshirt with the measuring tape and sewing chalk.
  • Pin the sweatshirt along that line and sew with a machine or by hand.

Step 3

Pin the edges of the sleeves to the edges of the sweatshirt, from the armpit down to the hips, and sew them together. (Also can be hand stitched.)

Step 4

Fill the sleeves with stuffing, plus fill the center/chest area of the sweatshirt or stuff it with an old pillow. (STUFF EVERY PART ONLY AS FULL AS YOU WANT IT TO BE.)

Step 5

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