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When the last of her perfume ran out over a year ago, Lynda Heines of decided that she wouldn’t be buying any more and instead would make her own. Check out her easy tutorial to DIY a uniquely solid perfume.
-20% soy wax (Beeswax works, but soy makes it creamier)
-39% favorite liquid oils (Lynda recommends sunflower, rice bran and almond)
-30% shea butter
-10% fragrance oil
-1% Vitamin E

-Pot for water

Source: Reprinted with permission from Lynda Heines at

Step 1

Our first step is to weigh all of the ingredients except fragrance oil and Vitamin E and put into a container like a glass measuring cup, which you will set inside the pan of water. Weigh the fragrance oil and Vitamin E and set aside.

Step 2

Set the container of oils and butter into the pan of boiling water. If you have a double boiler you can use that, but this works as well. Continue stirring until the shea butter is dissolved. Remove from bath.

Step 3

Now pour the fragrance oil and Vitamin E into your melted oils and stir. Then pour into your perfume containers. As shown above, Lynda used lipstick tubs. I let them set up for an hour and then put the lids on.

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