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Lace and gauze can turn the plainest shirt into pure Victorian femininity. Use this technique to add some interest to any button-down shirt you have hanging in your closet. If you want to give the shirt an edgy look, try pairing it with some steampunk chain jewelry or a leather belt. You can also switch out the original buttons for some with filigree.
- A fitted button front shirt
- 12" to 16" (305mm—405mm) lightweight, gauzy fabric (cheesecloth, lace, or crushed bridal tulle)
- 2 ft. (610mm) 2" to 3" (50mm—75mm)-wide gathered lace
- 2 ft. (610mm) coordinating lace trim
- Matching thread
- Embellishments (such as pearls, ribbon, bows, etc.)

Source: ,Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Fl...

Step 1

If the shirt has patch pockets, use a seam ripper to remove them. If the shirt has a pocket on the inside that is accessible from a slit in the shirt, it may be unsuitable for this project.

Step 2

Measure from the shoulder seam to the chest. Cut 2 pieces of the lightweight fabric 12–16" (305–405mm) wide and as long as the shoulder to chest measurement.

Step 3

Use a pin to mark the point halfway between the arm seam and the base of the collar. Pin the lightweight fabric to both sides of the shirt front between the collar and the pin, tucking under raw edge at the top and gathering the fabric to fit. Do not extend the fabric beyond the shirt’s buttons or buttonholes.

Step 4

Trim any excess from the bottom edges of the fabric so it is even on both sides of the shirt. Stitch the fabric to the shirt along the edges using a small zigzag stitch.
Pin the gathered edge of the lace trim to the outer edge of the lightweight fabric, making sure it covers the raw edge by 1" (25mm). Gather the inner corner of the lace so it lies flat as it goes around the corner. Repeat with the opposite side of the shirt, making sure both sides are even. Stitch.

Step 5

Cut the collar from the shirt, leaving approximately 1/2" (15mm) of the lower edge of the collar still attached. Turn the raw edge of the remaining collar under 1/2" (15mm) and stitch. If the collar will not be buttoned, remove the top button at the collar.

Step 6

Pin the lace trim to the collar so the edge of the trim rides above the collar band. Extend the trim to the button and buttonhole at the edges of the collar if the button was removed. Turn raw edges under and stitch. Apply additional trim to the cuffs, stopping at the button and edge of the buttonhole.

Step 7

Embellish as desired with pearls, bows, and ribbon.

Step 8

This steampunk shirt how-to is excerpted with permission from "Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Flair to Everyday Fashions (Design Originals)" by Calista Taylor and published by Design Originals.

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