Striped Bead Earrings with Polymer Clay

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With some practice, polymer clay can be a great material for crafting jewelry. Try these simple striped bead earrings to get started in working with the material.

Source: , Polymer Clay 101: Master Basic Skills and Tech...

Step 1

Roll a piece of scrap clay into a snake and cover it with brown clay rolled out to a sixth-thinnest setting on the pasta machine. Cut a thin strip of the striped clay and place it on the snake.

Step 2

Cut another piece of the stripe to cover the snake and cut the snake off where the stripe ends. Pull the striped clay toward the ends of the the snake to cover the scrap. Press the ends towards each other to form an oval.

Step 3

Make another bead.

Step 4

Pierce the beads with a head pin through the center.

Step 5

Add caps to the beads and bake with the head pins and caps in place.

Step 6

Attach ear wires.

Step 7

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