T-Shirt Baby Mittens

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These simple mittens are like soft boxing gloves for your little featherweight’s tiny fists. A newborn’s fingernails can be downright dangerous, so keep him cozy and warm while stopping him from scratching himself—and you!
- 2 T-shirt sleeves (L) (or other equivalent scrap fabric)
- Ruler
- Chalk marker
- Scissors
- Straight pins
- Needle
- Thread

Step 1

Lay one sleeve flat and mark four 2½" by 2¼" rectangles, as shown. Cut out each rectangle.

Step 2

Layer all four rectangles together and round two corners along one of the short ends with scissors.

Step 3

Separate the pieces into two pairs. Place the layers of one pair right sides together and pin. Sew a running stitch or whipstitch around the curved edge of the fabric, leaving the short straight edge open. Repeat on the remaining two pieces, remove all pins, and turn the mitten pouches right side out.

Step 4

Lay the second sleeve flat and cut two 3½" by 2" rectangles for the cuffs.

Step 5

Fold both strips in half lengthwise (long sides together), wrong side in. Then fold both strips in half crosswise (the opposite way) and pin. Sew a running stitch or a whipstitch along the short edges to create a double-thick loop. Remove the pins.

Step 6

Insert one mitten pouch inside one of the loops, lining up the raw edges, and pin around the opening. Sew a whipstitch around the pinned edge. Repeat with the other pieces to make the second mitten.

Step 7

Remove all the pins and fold down the cuff of each mitten to finish.

Step 8

Variations: If the mittens turn out too plain, you can iron on the little prizefighter’s first initial to personalize them. Increase the measurements to make bigger mitts for growing babies.

Step 9

This project is excerpted with permission from "Generation T: Beyond Fashion" by Megan Nicolay and published by Workman Publishing.

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