The Best Lacroix Hangover Cures

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Some of the best hangover cures are born of necessity, in a dash to the fridge the morning after to find something that will hydrate you, keep you awake, and prevent you from yacking. That’s how I came to know LaCroix as a hangover cure.
Sparkling waters like LaCroix are pretty effective at getting you hydrated, but to make the most of it as a cure, mix it with other brunch beverages—because sometimes you still need a little hair of the dog with
your seltzer. Try one out the next time you wake up with that cottonmouth and a pounding headache in
the middle of a spinning room, and you’ll believe me when I say that LaCroix makes everything better, even hangovers. - Maxine Builder
Excerpted with Permission from Breakfast: The Most Important Book About the Best Meal of the Day

Step 1

Coffee is not generally recommended as a hangover cure because it is a diuretic that will dehydrate you
more. Sometimes, when I’m hungover, the thought of the taste of coffee makes my stomach turn, but I know that I need something caffeinated in order to make it through the day, which is how I came up with this coffee and LaCroix combo. The mix of sparkling water and coffee is a one-two punch—with the sparkling water offsetting the negative, dehydrating effects of coffee. Plus, fizzy coffee is totally a thing right now, so you’d be so on trend. You’ve got two options here, depending on what’s readily available to you.
1⁄2 glass cold brew + coconut LaCroix or ice + espresso shot + orange LaCroix

Step 2

Sometimes you need a little bit of alcohol to help take the edge off your hangover. Replace the orange juice in your mimosa with tangerine LaCroix. This works best if you have a leftover bottle of sparkling wine from the night before. Pour that into a glass and top with either pamplemousse or tangerine LaCroix. Again, using chilled sparkling water is going to get you the best results.

Step 3

Seltzer and bitters is one of those strange hangover cures that you don’t think is going to work, but then you drink it, and you’re like, “Oh.” Bitters are a traditional cure for an upset stomach, and though they’re generally paired with citrus-y drinks, try them with berry LaCroix.

Step 4

People who love apple cider vinegar really love apple cider vinegar and tend to claim it’s a cure-all for everything that might ail you. But ACV, as it’s known among health food aficionados, can actually be a
great hangover cure. It’s something about enzymes or balancing your pH? I’ve never been too clear on the science, but I do know that drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar that’s been diluted with a full can of apricot LaCroix and a lot of ice cubes will put your stomach at ease and make your head feel less cloudy.

Step 5

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