Feather String Art for Wall Hanging

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A feather naturally works well as string art. The lines in the vane of the feather can be realistically portrayed with string, giving this piece a more detailed appearance. While this pattern looks great on its own, these would make an impact in a group on a larger piece of wood, in different colors and styles.
This project is excerpted with permission from DIY String Art: 24 Designs to Create and Hang by Jesse Dresbach.
Pine board: 1" x 10" (2.5cm x 25.5cm), cut to 12" (30.5cm) long and stained (Shown: Minwax Water-
Based Wood Stain in River Stone)
⅝" (1.6cm) silver nails
Size 10 crochet thread in 2 colors (Shown: Black and peacock blue)
Photocopy of pattern (page 82)
Picture-hanging hardware
2 felt furniture pads
Tools: Hammer, needle-nose pliers
Basic supplies: Superglue, scissors, transparent tape
Techniques Used
Preparing a board (page 8)
Applying a nail pattern (page 9)
Stringing basics (pages 10–11)
Double-wrap technique (page 13)
Finished Size (h x w)
12" x 9.5" (30.5cm x 24cm)

Step 1

Trim your pattern from the paper. Position it and tape it on your board.

Step 2

Begin adding your nails. I recommend starting with the shaft of the feather, which is the center line, so the outer nails are not in your way after. Follow up with the border, then remove the paper and debris.

Step 3

Start with the bottom color (I used black) and work up. This will help you form a natural “V” of the vanes that you can follow up the feather as you change colors. Tie on at the quill (sealing your knot) and start stretching lengths of string from the center line to the outside of the feather. Go back and forth from right to left to create a “V” that mimics the natural V-shape of the feather’s base. Aim for a natural look, not perfection. I overlapped in a few areas for a deeper “V”. Continue filling the feather with the V’s, stopping where you want that color to stop. Before switching colors, go back and do the outline of this color section, as well as the shaft. Remember to seal all knots.

Step 4

To switch colors, tie your new color (mine is peacock blue) onto an exterior nail right next to your last color. Now continue your V’s, connecting the edges of the feather to the shaft.

Step 5

When you reach the end of the feather, complete the shape by connecting the last nail on the shaft to all the remaining border nails. This gives the feather tip that unique fanlike appearance. Be sure to outline each color section the same way you did your first color.

Step 6

Attach your picture-hanging hardware and felt pads. You’re done! Be sure to sign and date your work.

Step 7

This project is excerpted with permission from DIY String Art: 24 Designs to Create and Hang by Jesse Dresbach.

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