Tissue Paper Flower from Baby Shower Gift Wrap

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Use the abundance of tissue paper that comes from a baby shower to make a unique paper flower pom pom to hang over the new baby's crib. Paper is likely to be color-coordinated with gender-neutral colors if the baby gender is unknown and traditional blues and pinks for boys and girls. Even better, this is an easy craft for kids who want to celebrate a new sibling.
- 6 sheets of tissue paper (for one rose)
- 5-inches ribbon, string or garden wire
- Scissors

Step 1

Gather 6 sheets of tissue paper. Layer them on top of each other, shorter pieces on top and longer pieces on bottom. Smooth out wrinkles.

Step 2

Make an accordian fold with the sheets, each fold about 1-inch. Either round the edges with scissors for a rose look or cut sharp points at the tips for a dahlia-look. Bind the folded paper with the ribbon, knotting tightly.

Step 3

Gently lift one piece of tissue paper towards the binding to create petals. Repeat with the remaining paper, arranging as you see fit. Hang the rose on a wall, or, create a second rose and glue together to create a pom pom.

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