Travel Crayon Roll (Free Sewing Pattern)

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Crayons at the bottom of your purse? Kids bored in the car? Why not make a travel crayon roll today?

Source: DIY.. Make A Travel Crayon Roll | Haberdashery Fun

Step 1

You will need the following materials:
-Self / exterior fabric - the more colorful the better
-Lining / heavier fabric -cotton duck works well. It will give the roll some stability. You could also use decorator weight fabric
-Ribbon, button
-Disappearing ink pen
-Sewing materials - scissors, thread, pins, needles
-Sewing machine, iron and ironing board
-Paper, ruler, pens

Step 2

To develop your pattern - draw a 11" W x 10"H rectangle. Shave off at the side top flap corners to suit your design scheme. I chose to make my corners angled, but you could also round the corners. Add 1/2" seam allowances to all sides.

Step 3

8 Easy Steps to sewing the crayon roll:
1. Cut out your pattern pieces - 1 for the self and 1 for the lining
2. Place right right sides together and pin
3. Measure 4 1/4" up from the bottom seam and insert ribbon. Make sure to insert so the ribbon length is facing inwards and square the ribbon with the side seam. As the image above, you want approx 1/2" SA sticking out
4. Place into sewing machine. Sew with a 1/2" SA around the outside. Leave a 2-3" opening at the bottom. Press. While pressing to set your seams, also turn the 2-3" bottom opening and press the seam upwards. This will help when you later sew the opening closed.
5. Pull the roll rightside out and press the seams again. Pin the bottom opening closed. Edgestitch along the entire bottom edge. Backstitch at each end
6. Fold bottom upwards to measure 2 3/4" in height. Press the fold. Now edgestitch along each side seam. This will make a little pouch. Backstitch at the top and bottom. At this time, you can also edgestitch along the top edge
7. Place a measuring tape along the bottom. Using your disappearing ink pen and a ruler, mark at 1" increments along the bottom seam. Place into your sewing machine and stitch following each ink line. You are now sewing the little spots for all the crayons. Make sure to backstitch at the top and bottom. Press
8. Button - turn over to the backside. Place the button in the centre back area/near the vertical stitches. However, before sewing the button down, double check placement by rolling up the crayon roll. Handstitch the button in place.

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