Tulip Origami Pattern

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Designed by Michael G. LaFosse. In keeping with the literal pun, younger kids especially love receiving and folding these “Two-Lips!” There are a few designs that drive the use of special duo (two color) papers. Red / green duo papers are popular for Christmas, but now you have a reason to buy a pack to keep on hand any time of the year to cheer up any gloomy-puss!

Step 1

Begin with the lip-color side up. (A) Valley-fold in half diagonally, left to right. Unfold. (B) Valley-fold in half diagonally, bottom to top.

Step 2

Valley-fold in half, corner to corner. Unfold.

Step 3

Valley-fold the bottom left and right corners to meet at the top.

Step 4

Turn the paper over, left to right.

Step 5

Be sure that the folded edges are at the bottom. Valley-fold the
bottom left and right edges to meet at the vertical center crease.
Allow the triangular flaps to come to the front.

Step 6

Turn the paper over, left to right.

Step 7

Valley-fold the top corner of the top flap down.

Step 8

Mountain-fold the top and bottom corners behind.

Step 9

Valley-fold the left and right triangular flaps inward and tuck behind
the folded edges of the center paper. Mountainfold a shallow V-shaped dent at the top of the lips.

Step 10

The completed Two-Lips.

Step 11

This project is excerpted with permission from "Ultimate Origami for Beginners" by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander (Tuttle Publishing). This kit has everything you need in the box. [Origami Book, DVD, 62 Papers, 19 Projects]

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