Upcycle a T-Shirt With an Eraser and Fabric Paint

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Add a cool DIY treatment to your old T-shirts using fabric paint and a pencil eraser!
This is a super-easy project that can be applied to T-shirts, tote bags, tea towels, pillows or anything else you can think of.

Step 1

First, grab your materials. To do this project you will need:
- An old T-shirt or other cloth item
- Fabric paint (we used the "FolkArt" paint from Plaid, in color 4425 Lavender)
- A plastic bowl or some other material to put your paint on.
- A clean, unused pencil
- A piece of cardboard or another thick board
- An iron

Step 2

Put your piece of cardboard in between your t-shirt, in the location that you want your design to be.
Be sure to use a piece of cardboard that you don't mind getting paint on, as the fabric paint may run through your fabric. Of course, this may depend on how thick your fabric is, but it is best to use the cardboard for all fabrics to be safe.

Step 3

Pour a small amount of fabric paint into your plastic bowl, then lightly dip your pencil eraser in the paint. You don't need too much, just enough to make a visible mark on your T-shirt.

Step 4

Begin creating your dot design, using the fabric paint on your pencil eraser.
You can make any design you want. You don't need to apply paint after each dot. Instead, make about four or five dots before reapplying paint. This will create cool gradations in your design.

Step 5

Once you have finished making your design, follow the drying and setting instructions on your fabric paint to finish your project.
With the fabric paint we used, we needed to let the design dry for 24 hours, then heat set it with an iron underneath a pressing cloth. Then, after 72 hours, we could machine or hand-wash it.

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